Free Beginners JavaScript Tutorials

Free Beginners JavaScript Tutorials

After much planning and preparation we are delighted to be able to offer a gradual roll-out of our free beginners JavaScript Tutorials.

Combining code snippets and downloadable example code, we aim to help you build on what you’ve learned in our HTML5 Tutorials and our CSS Tutorials to take your web development to the next level! We have more online learning lessons to be released over the coming weeks, so please check back soon!

What To Expect From Our JavaScript Tutorials

These online lessons are designed for people who have little or no knowledge of JavaScript at all, though a working knowledge of HTML and CSS is presumed. We will teach you about the role of “Vanilla” JavaScript in web pages and show you how to add interactive elements to your websites. While we will in the future look at jQuery, you can add basic functionality all on your own without relying on heavy code libraries!

We will add our basic beginner tutorial set first and then later we aim to add self-test quizzes so you can check the progress of your learning!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Although these lessons are structured like a course, we will make available a list of all lessons within our JS tutorials. This allows you to skip to subjects that interest you most. If you’re a real beginner though, we advise you go through the lessons in order. They are written to build on what you’ve learned in previous lessons to help you grow your skillset.

Yes these are Free!

We will make our JavaScript lessons as mobile-friendly as possible so you can enjoy them on whichever device you choose. No subscriptions, no payments, self-learn at your own pace.

Premium Support

If you need extra guidance and it takes longer than 10 minutes, then we do offer premium support at £75GPB per hour because we need to pay our bills. But not having premium support will not restrict your access to this site, nor our commitment to add to the library of online learning over time.

Ready to Begin?

If you would like to get started on our free JavaScript tutorials, then start with:

What Is JavaScript?

Happy Learning!

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