Free Coding Tutorials from Resource Centre

Free Coding Tutorials from Resource Centre

Welcome to the Free Tutorial Resource Centre! Here you can find HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS Coding Tutorials to help beginners learn the basics web web programming. There is no charge for accessing or using the content here for your own web projects. If you’re a regular visiter here I would ask you quickly read my Update (further down this page). If you’re completely new here, then welcome! There should be enough tutorials and examples to get you up and running. Enjoy!

Why Set Up Another Coding Tutorials Site?

I’m not aiming to make money from this site, although I have AdSense Set up, there’s no requirement to donate or click anything to use the site. It’s not a membership site so you can digest and share anything you want.

I just remember when I started learning coding – I had to buy a ton of books and try to work through their examples. What I want to do is make that learning easier for others – and for free!

Coding is not simple and there are ton of platforms out there which help you to build websites without knowing any coding. But often those sites become bloated and slow. The fastest website I’ve built don’t even have a CMS (Content Management System). And often, you may want to do something for yourself, understand how it works and be proud that you didn’t just customise your website – you truly built it.

That’s my passion and I hope you can join me here. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, or if you would like to contribute a coding tutorial, just get in touch here and I will give you full credit!

Learn HTML5 and CSS Online for Free!

Initially I will be writing HTML5 Tutorials and CSS3 Tutorials as these two closely interact when building a basic website.

Periodically I will add blog posts, with observations and off-topic discussion. Feel free to join in with your comments.

We will always be a Free Coding Site, at least for HTML and CSS Tutorials. If you have any questions or issues, post them in the comments and I will reply – I am happy to help you learn!

JavaScript Tutorials!

We are steadily adding Free JavaScript Tutorials to the site. If there are any topics you’d like to see covered then let us know!

Brief Update

While I continue to maintain security, keep the site running as fast as possible and ensure all functions and plugins are kept up-to-date I am currently not able to add more tutorials. Last year my Fibromyalgia took another down turn and for a few years, I’ve not felt able to give this site the attention it deserves. Fibromyalgia massively affects my ability to type, and to concentrate. I refuse to push myself to put new tutorials together that, due to my health, may be of a lower quality that I would be happy with.

This does not mean there may never be new tutorials however, just not in the short to medium term. If you are a coder, or a coding tutor and would like to contribute one please email feedback(at)resource-centre(dot)net. If the tutorial has not also been published elsewhere and makes its way here, you will receive full credit and a link back to your own resources.

I hope this helps and thank you for understanding.

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