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Cookies and Privacy

As we are based in the EU (Scotland to be exact) by the end of October 2015 we had have implemented a method for you to give us explicit concent to use tracking and cookies. Being perfectly honest I think the permissions bar is more intrusive than our ads, but we want to be responsible in this regard!

Visit Tracking and Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous data about your visit. This enables us to see how people find our site and what content they engage with. This helps us to improve the site in the future by providing more of the tutorials and content you really want from us. We do not collect any granular data (such as your IP Address) about you, so it is as depersonalised as much as Google Allow us to.

Serving You Ads

We use a system called Google Adsense which may, at Google’s discretion, pay us if you click on these ads. We have tried to make these non intrusive and your access to, and enjoyment of, our site is not dependent on your engagement with Ads. Google Adsense may set a cookie (a small text file on your machine) in order to try to only serve you ads which may be of interest to you.

This site is run voluntarily and as such, our mediocre amout of Ad income is what helps us to fund future development of the site and pay for a little of the overhead cost of the site – e.g. website hosting/server costs.

As with Analytics, you may block these cookies. We won’t mind, but we’d rather you didn’t! However your enjoyment of The Free Tutorial Resource Centre will not be affected if you choose to block them. Ironically, it might be improved as the page will loads several microseconds quicker. The tutorials provided here are free of charge and not dependent on displaying ads, nor on whether you click them.

What We Don’t Use Cookies For

We cannot see your cookies, which can be cleared from your browser at any time by you.

We do not, at this stage, engage in ‘remarketing campaigns’ which track your usage of other sites in order to show you more ads for us. We do not engage in this, or any other paid mechanism of driving traffic to The Tutorial Resource Centre. So no, we don’t do the creepy thing of following you around the web.

Your Right to Block Cookies

It is your right, enshrined in EU Law, to block any and all cookies on sites which use them for the purposes of Ads. Therefore you can do this using the rather intrusive permissions box on the bottom of our website. If this policy changes we will announce it here and post on our Twitter Profile.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to use the comments or contact us here.

Many thanks for your interest in The Free Tutorial Resource Centre and for your time. I know it’s precious and in short supply.

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