Fix FileZilla Offset Error (in Windows)

FileZilla – How to Fix ‘no document element found at offset’ Error

Just a quick blog post as I start the weekend. I’m having all this weekend off as I’ll be putting the finishing touches to our new JavaScript course over the next week!

Funny FileZilla Error

I’ve used FileZilla (an FTP Program) for years with building the number of web projets I do. Even with CMS Sites like this one, image optimisation and website speed tweaks often involve direct interaction with web space.

So it was odd that today I came across a very strange error: No Document Element Found at Offset…. Never had it when on my work’s Mac machine, but it came up today on my home Windows section.

So I did a bit of digging and this error seems to arise when one of the settings files of FileZilla gets mashed up or corrupted in someway. FileZilla relies on a collection of XML Files to store you UI Layout and the web servers you want to connect to.

The file that leads to this no document element error thankfully is just one which governs the UI – so thankfully I didn’t have to re-input all of my web servers!

The Fix

The fix is really straight forward – you need to delete the ‘corrupt’ file, which on a Windows machine is found:


Close down the FTP client, delete this file and re-open the program and it will automatically regenerate your file. Done!

Any Other FileZilla Errors Out There?

If you have any other random errors from this FTP client, feel free to share them and I’ll add them to the post!

Have a good weekend!

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Martin Oxby

Martin Oxby has been building websites for many years, from simple coded ones to bespoke website software. He currently co-runs Summit Web Solutions based in Inverness, Scotland.

51 thoughts on “FileZilla – How to Fix ‘no document element found at offset’ Error

  1. Thanks. This has helped me a lot. Only started showing this kind of error after an update in 2015. Thanks to this post I managed to get it sorted.

  2. Oddly, this file deletion and restart did not work for me. It did indeed regenerate the .XML, but the nagging error still persists. But as long as FileZilla starts afterwards, it’s simply an annoyance.

    1. You’re welcome, Liz! I’m not a genius, but if I find things that are useful to people, like this FileZilla issue, I’d rather share and help others 🙂

  3. Thanks from France Martin. Problem solved in 2 minutes because of you !!
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. I’m so glad this has helped so many. When I wrote it I thought it would help a handful of people. Now we’ve had nearly 600 views in the last rolling month for this. So I appreciate your positive feedback!

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