A long overdue apology

A Long Overdue Update (and an Apology)

A long overdue apologyThe length of time without new content here at the Free Tutorial Centre has now stretched into years. So I felt it was right to offer an explanation and an apology for this being the state of affairs.

My Health and Family

There are two key reasons why no new tutorials have been added for so long. The first is my health.

Chronic Pain

I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. Aside from wide-spread pain it can lead to other symptoms such as brain fog and drastically reduced energy levels. A side effect of this is hand pain. Tutorials should be helpful and detailed, and contain code snippets you can use for your own learning. All this requires a lot of typing. But over the last couple of years and, especially since the start of 2019, my pain has become much worse. I do not have the concentration or pain management to be able to create new content.

Small Person in the Family

We have a very active, sleep averse two-and-a-half year old daughter. Naturally she, along with the relationship with my wife are my priorities. So the opportunities for focus are reduced and, when I have time, I’m too tired. I refuse point-blank to produce quick, poor-quality content simply to show the site is still active. That’s not fair on you.

Current Status of Free Tutorials

Because the site is all but neglected, traffic here has fallen from around 8,000 visitors a month, to fewer than 4,000. That’s understandable. Search engines want to promote active, up-to-date and well-shared content. And The Free Tutorial Centre is none of those things at the moment.

Site Updates and Security

I am still ensuring that all plugins and security updates are run here. That should help keep you, and our server safe. I also try to keep the database as small as possible and keep load time to a minimum. So in this way, this site is not totally neglected – I’m simply not in a position to add to it.

Current Tutorials Still Available

While website traffic has halved, while there is still a sizeable number visiting it, I will keep the site up. So all tutorials here will remain freely accessible. This site is a one-man army and raises very little in the way of revenue (about £5 a month, to be precise), so I do not have a team to call on, neither can I afford one!

But while people find it useful, The Free Tutorial Centre will remain open.

TL;DR Sorry, and Thank You

So I’m sorry that my life at the moment means I cannot improve and add to the library of tutorials here. But I hope that you can understand my position. I still hope the lessons here are still useful despite their age. The underlying principles of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are still in play, though they are more advanced now. Thank you for understanding and I hope one day, maybe next year to pick things up again here. Take care.


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Martin Oxby

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