Up and Coming Developments to End 2015!

Phew! What an epic couple of months we’ve had since redesigning the Free Tutorial Centre!

A Thank You!

During a working day we currently are seeing around 400 unique visitors a day, taking in our Free HTML5 Tutorials and CSS3 Tutorials. Thank you so much for helping to make us work harder to make this a great resource for learning web coding from scratch.

Due to demand, we are on a nice new shiny server, with integration of a CDN so that this site can run as fast as possible wherever you are in the world. Despite being based here in the UK we attract people from all around the world so want to serve you as well as possible – thank you!

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November 2015: New JavaScript Course

At the end of November 2015, our JavaScript Course for Beginners will be launching! The first six modules will become available for Just £5.00! Students who join will get the remaining modules of this course absolutely free. So register your interest via our JavaScript Course Landing Page to take advantage!

New Services Coming Soon

We want to be able to support you as much as possible, so will be gradually rolling out a range of services to help you in your learning and support your new websites, including:

  • Skype Consultations and hands-on assistance with your code!
  • Low-cost Monthly ‘IT Support’ packages so we can be your debugging and coding assistance company!
  • Website Auditing and On-site SEO Support!

To hear about these services and for introductory, limited time Join our Mailing List!

And as ever, if you have any questions, simply get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to help.

Thank you for being part of making this site as popular as it is – please do continue to join us on this exciting journey!

Onwards and Upwards!

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Martin Oxby

Martin Oxby has been building websites for many years, from simple coded ones to bespoke website software. He currently co-runs Summit Web Solutions based in Inverness, Scotland.