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Comment Changes After EU Cookie Law

Following on from our blog post aboutEU Cookies and Content Blocking, we have had to change the way we serve and handle comments on our website.

How We Give You Cookie Control

Because this site is run voluntarily, we try to raise additional funds via Google Adsense. This isn’t a lot, but we want to keep giving you free content to help you with our HTML5 Tutorials and our CSS3 Tutorials.

On your first visit to our site in each rolling month you will be asked if you’re okay for us to use cookies for this purpose. Google dynamically uses these cookies to help give you ads which are likely to be more relevant to you. I don’t see that data by the way.

If you decide to ‘opt out’ you shouldn’t see these ads at all – although please contact us if this seems to be buggy as we want to respect your decision.

Google Adsense honours your request. So does Google Analytics, for that matter.

Site Not Compliant with the Disqus Comment System

Disqus Comment System Uses Cookies

The great guys over at Site Beam offer a free compliance test for your website. It flags up that the Disqus Comment System is not compliant – i.e. it does not honour the request our site makes to you.

Therefore we have had to change how we open up our site to comments. We have instead opted for a ReCaptcha method to try to keep spam to a minimum but also not use cookies.

Please do let us know if you see any issues with this system. This method is a trial and we may have to mould the system another way later down the line, but for now, I hope that this means we can allow interactions on our tutorials and blog posts but still abide by the EU Cookie Law.

If you’re unsure how we use cookies and Analytics, please check out our Cookie and Privacy Policy.

My thanks for your understanding!

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